Nov 1, 2016

Sterilization monitoring help is here! Get answers to your questions and learn best practices from experts.

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Sterilization Monitoring Technical Support

Are you a sterile processing manager or technician? Do you need a live technical support team to help troubleshoot undesirable events?

Over the past 30+ years, the 3M Sterilization Tech Line has received thousands of calls from sterile processing managers and technicians who need help or guidance on best practices. Time and time again, sterile processing departments have trusted the 3M team to provide the correct information referencing standard recommendations to help overcome challenges faced every day.

I take my job seriously. From healthcare facilities, to sterile processing departments, to patients, they all depend on us for answers. Each year our team completes many hours of CEUs, engage in national and local sterile processing chapter meetings, attend and participate in the national AAMI standard conferences, and travel globally to take part in the international ISO standards meetings. We stay current on sterile processing best practices, guidelines, and recommendations so we can tackle questions from across sterilization modalities (steam, ethylene oxide, and vaporized hydrogen peroxide).

Sterile Processing technical support; from cleaning to sterilization monitoring is free

We take a firm stance to make sure sterile processing departments get help when they need it. That means when you call one of us, you get support from all of us.

There are a several ways to get help when you need it

  • Submit your question online: a new feature that allows customers to ask a question and have a sterilization monitoring expert call back.
  • Call our 3M Sterilization Tech Line for live technical support: we have always had a technical helpline for quick access to answers. It’s easy to reach an expert at 1-800-441-1922 option 2.
  • We have experts in the field near you!  Typically for complex issues we may send out a Field Technical Consultant who can help troubleshoot at your facility on-site. We investigate at the source, conduct root cause analysis, and provide a solution or two to help your department to keep moving forward.
  • On demand best practice learning and education courses: one of the best things any sterile processing manager or technician can do is to continue to learn. We work hard to make courses convenient about topics that are relevant to issues we hear about.

Some recent interesting questions from sterile processing departments

I thought that I would share a few recent questions/answers 3M has received from sterile processing departments that I think are interesting and may be helpful to you.

Question: What type of BI PCD does AAMI ST-79 say to use for steam IUSS cycles?

Answer: AAMI ST79 A representative of the same type of tray to be routinely processed through by immediate-use steam sterilization should be selected to serve as the PCD (BI challenge test tray). Each type of tray configuration in routine use for IUSS should be tested separately.

Question: What Type or Classification of internal chemical indicator should I use for vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization monitoring?

Answer: AAMI ST58 2.14 under the note 1 definitions states Chemical indicators Class 2–6 are not applicable to monitoring the LCS/HLD/gaseous chemical sterilization processes described in this document.

Question: I heard ethylene oxide sterilization was banned in my state?

Answer: This is a very common misconception. All 50 states allow the use of ethylene oxide sterilization in healthcare facilities. The facility just needs to follow any state, local or regional regulations for installation and routine use.

For those of you who are reading this and I have had the pleasure of talking with you over the phone or during a visit I just want to say hi and keep monitoring!

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