Jul 30, 2018

Tegaderm 35 to Know: Alicia Lizzi, RN

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Alicia Lizzi, RN, Coordinator, Infection Control Committee, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Many clinicians, thought leaders and brand champions have made positive impacts in the areas of IV and wound care. In honor of the 35th anniversary of the Tegaderm™ brand, 3M recognizes 35 of these individuals who have positively impacted patient care. Alicia Lizzi, RN, from Argentina received this honor for her efforts in infection reduction.

When Lizzi entered the nursing field 35 years ago, infection prevention was not a specialty that had been explored in Argentina. Since then, she has elevated the topic through the two infection control organizations she founded.

“I’m thankful for my infection prevention colleagues who never put a ceiling on progress and professional development,” said Lizzi.

She has also served on an advisory committee that brought together more than 100 hospitals across the country to address infection reduction. Beyond leadership roles, Lizzi helps educate and train young professionals in the infection prevention field.

Lizzi has also authored many pieces on the topic of vascular access across Argentina. Check out her most recent publications:

  • Jokić, R. CVC Care and Maintenance After Insertion. Received first prize at the WoCoVA 2016 Film Festival. 2016; Lisbon.
  • Jokić, R., Lipovšek, B. Toksična epidermalna nekroliza, zdravljenje in oskrba ran v kirurški intenzivni terapiji: prispevek na konferenci – Zbornik predavanj strokovnega srečanja. 2010; 117-124.

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